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Masala House

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Our Story

Masala House is an authentic Pakistani restaurant located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. A small, friendly joint with a lot of character and warmth. Come and celebrate great food and good times with us!

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Masala House



Masala House

The Discovery

We love Pakistani food, just like you! Unfortunately, overly commercialized mindsets have not only taken away the authentic taste but the very essence of great Pakistani cuisine.

Our promise is great, authentic, guilt-free Pakistani cuisine that excites the taste buds and ignites that feeling of being at home away from home.

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Family Friendly

Punjabi by Heart

We give you a true Lahori food experience in an upscale cafeteria setting. Come and enjoy our hospitality, the capital city now has a desi destination that can’t be missed! Our seating is limited, but our hearts aren’t.

We are a family friendly restaurant and enjoy the laughs (and cries) of kids. We do not mind a broken plate or a few twisted spoons every now and then!

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