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At the moment, we have very limited seating and we encourage families to reserve a table before coming.


Dining Area

Our main dining area comfortably seats 20 guests on 5 tables. We have already initiated talks with Abu Dhabi Municipality to acquire the outdoor seating space, as well the Mezzanine dining area in our building.

We can currently seat up to a maximum of 22 guests.


Reserve by Phone

If you are visiting as a family of four or more, we highly recommend you reserve your table by calling us in advance.

You’ll be able to avoid any inconvenience this way, and we’ll ensure your tables are set for your guests before you come in.

Reserve by E-mail

If you’d like to reserve your table first thing in the morning or would like to contact us after regular hours to ensure no one else can reserve before you, please send us an e-mail at orders@masalahouse.ae


Personalize Your Reservation Messages!

For a nominal fee (will be included in the final bill), we can even print personalized reservation messages for your special occasion! Be it the graduation of your son, or your daughter’s first visit after her wedding, we will make sure your guests feel that personal touch and love you want to express.